Sunday, 21 December 2008

Talib Kweli - "Hell"

"...So it all sound the same to me
But when they say that one's right and the other's wrong, it sound like game to me
It's like God skipped past the church and came to me
No, that ain't vain to me, it's just a particular way that I came to see
The difference between those that claim to be
Religious and those that say they're spiritual
And recognise that life is full of miracles
You can see the flow is divine, I glow when I rhyme
Because it coincides with the growing tide of those
Looking for God who know to go inside
Looking for absolution, living in mass confusion
The gas inducing psychopath created a last solution
Based on his interpretation, of what the words are saying
Looking for God but ended up doing the work of Satan
Religion creates division, make the Muslim hate the Christian
Make the Christian hate the Jew, makes up rules in faith
That you're conditioned to and God will follow
God forbid you go to Hell
But if you've been to any ghetto then you know it well..."

Controversial I'm sure, but my own personal beliefs mean that I feel strongly about this one.

- DeeKay

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