Tuesday, 16 December 2008

DeeKay - "The God Delusion"

In two-thousand-and-eight, I made a few mistakes
You can’t fool me twice, there’s no huge debate
The truth is “fate”, is often an illusion
To soften the confusion of an empty life
So we say “it was meant to be” as if mentally
I should accept mediocrity was meant for me
Because if what’s meant to be is empty we
Should feel empathy towards the God Delusion
And stop producing, ambitions of something more
And play positions as we’ve done before
But I won’t be typecast, because in my heart
Is where the fight starts, until I find the right part
So if my role isn’t outlined by a master plan
It’s my job to not get beaten by a faster man
And hold the world in the palm of my bastard hand
And never be the last to stand, stand for something
All it takes is one thing, for men to become kings
To turn our hopes from dreams to our reality
In a world where our hopes and dreams hold little gravity
The concept of destiny is just a fallacy.
Quit dreaming. Start scheming.

- DeeKay

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