Sunday, 28 December 2008

Amir Sulaiman - "She Said I Prefer A Broken Neck"

"So I know that being a man is more than being male, and I'm focused on doing it right..."

- DeeKay


  1. The masses take on the spirit of the lyrics they listen to ... so if the lyrics are immoral, so is the spirit that the masses accept into themselves. Straight up negative spiritual possession. Nothing else explains the lack of humanity that the sister has experienced in her relations with brothers. How can one expect a brother to have a righteous attitude when he is experiencing demonic possession through drugs, al-cohol, "religion", television, and music? Living in America? My advice to all sisters is: seek consciousness, awareness, love of the creator, seek understanding of life, understand your self...then seek a man who is on the same path, or ask the Creator to send you one while you are committed to walking the path of consciousness and health. What this society feeds women is sets them up to be preyed upon by males with no intention of being men in the eyes of the Creator. One can find a female "dressed...but naked" anywhere and in all age groups.What message does that send to males when women are dressed in a way where you can see almost all aspects of her breasts, waistline, hips, behind, and in some cases... To those of us with wives, daughters, neices, sisters, mothers, aunts...this is disturbing because we know all to well how the male lower self thinks, and how low it sinks. What is even worse is the attitude toward sexuality that has been placed into the minds of people in general. We all know that "manhood" needs an overhall, tune up, and a reformation to say the least. But women too must raise the criteria by placing spiritualism above materialism and thereby not subjecting themselves to "beasts" disguised as men. I used to be a beast, so i know what a beast thinks like...these sisters have no chance, except a comprehensive understanding of life which raises consciousness, virtue, and spirit to the point where a sister can recognize vibes, auras, etc. and not be decieved. The soul is constantly being assaulted in this society, so it needs constant purification to be successful. These sisters are getting their hearts raped, broken, strangled, and crushed...and they are being led along by a demon named vanity who appears pretty, but is actually absolutely disgusting. Vanity leads to depression amongst other sub demons. A sister under the influence of vanity is easy picken's for a beast, real talk. Rome- antic love is not the answer either, straight set up. Vanity, romance, are both based on flatterey, which is a form of manipulation, which is a form of mind control...which is what demons do to us humans for fun.All relationships should be based upon Truth and Love. Brothers and sisters who have not done so , need to dump the whole apparatus(way of thinking/life) and keep movin' with that comprehensive understanding mentioned above. Those who have already done so, need to keep encouraging those who have not because this pain that the sister is speaking of has become unbearable...and when human beings reach their limit, they either step into awareness...or insanity.So good brother, keep on writting because possession goes both can be under the influence of an angel, or a good spirit too...which is what we experience when we listen to , see, or read material by artists who are aware. Saved my life without a doubt!!! Without a doubt!Led me to Truth. Conscious artists: You have no idea how the Creator uses your material to save souls from the depths of darkness, and bring us to the Light.We pray that you be blessed with abundance of all that is good for what you do because without conscious artists, I feel as though I would have been the worst of beasts...and I speak for many. Peace. KA-EL

  2. OMG wat you wrote man ^^ truley amaazing!!!..and so deep

    its true, women also need to think straight and stop living this fantasy that any random guy is gonna love her forever, She's got to find her a true man, a real man, one with the same views as her, one that would love her no matter what- in halal.
    i agree 100% with everything you said. You've Got to go back to the creator, ask Him for forgiveness, ask Him to lead you in the right direction, ask Him to promise you heaven, because eventually, we all live to die, and death is the only thing we can be certain of, so while livin this life, while you're havin fun, whatever you're doing, be it crackin jokes, eating, partying, to praying, fasting, loving..remember that everyone has two lives, you gotta live the first one right, so you can live the last one happily ever after, and the second the one thats gonna last forever, remember, the dunya's going nowhere...