Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Pat's Justice - "Innocent Criminal"

Straight from the streets...

- Anarki


  1. sick cool awosome and true....so true

  2. They say the 60s was crazy
    but the 80s were worse
    Crack fucked blacks and gave birth to a curse
    The moon's bright the sky's misty
    Know my future cause I know my history
    My life predicted by a gypsy
    Murder she wrote at the end of the story the streets get me
    That's what I live quickly and always keep a pistol with me
    Ghetto Prisoner
    Won't stop fighting until I'm free
    Raised in the city of fallen angels where niggas ain't scared to bleed
    If money is the root to all evil then greed's the seed
    This ain't living, we taking because ain't nobody giving
    America's a rich man's vision but a poor man's prison
    So don't expect these politicians to give us a pot to piss in
    Preacher man stop preaching because niggas ain't fixin to listen
    Folks done lost hope and stopped trying
    Life's a bitch from the start that's why you come out your mama crying
    The world's dying, and the people have gone mad
    I take a shit on the White House and wipe my ass with the flag
    When will the evil end?
    Too many browns and blacks in the system, victims of legal sins
    In court praying for mercy when condemned by evil men
    Ain't no love in the heart of the city
    If there's a God where is he?
    My homies dying over 100s and 50s
    I sit back, sip yak and analyze the situation
    Ain't a person alive that today knowing the monster we're facing
    They crucified Jesus Christ, sold Marcus garvey for Rice
    Shot Malcom-X in the chest, gave Nelson Mandella life
    pac died at 25, Biggie died a year younger
    all my life been broke i'm motivated by my hunger
    Told my mama bury me with a 357, just in case God's trippin and I don't get into heaven
    If he send me to Hell, then oh well, cause I just did 19 years in the ghetto as a black male
    And it can't get much harder than that, I had a lot of pain in my heart, that's why I started to rap
    See them other brothas will make you dance but jusice and make you think
    You saving up for a Bentley I'm saving up for a tank
    That's just the mindset of a soldier
    Shit is crazy huh, but this is what I see
    We are no longer slaves, but we sho ain't free
    So until I don't have to steal and kill from my own folks
    tatood across my soul are the words I just spoke
    Who the fuck ya'll gone call when I break all the laws on behalf of every innocent criminal

  3. Dat is one of the best poems i have ever heard in my life

  4. Wow ! First of all he is sexy as hell - then he has his own take on the world . All though I don't completely agree with him .... I feel like there's more anger than truth. That was a wonderful poem. But, on a serious note.... why should politician give us the world ! When you were put on this earth you came here alone (unless you have a twin] . So you should servive on your own ! Become a rich man, instead of sitting around be mad that you are poor ! Pray and keep your eye on whats real !

  5. dats my nigga he tells da truth..nd he sexy

  6. you are so sexy and i love your poetry...u are a great writer =]

  7. I LOVE this poem this is true, I love how he added that Told my mama bury me with a 357, just in case God's trippin and I don't get into heaven..... Tupac I think this is one of the best poems I have ever read

  8. Great poem I saw this. Guy on Def poetry jam was blown away

  9. This is byfar on of The BEST poems I have ever heard...and so well performed too. Shows his anger and struggle...LOVE IT!

  10. People who live this life have this mindset and I can understand why. We all don't have it easy so you get it while you can, we gotta see it thru his eyes and in this poem it's so hard not too! I'm feelin' this right here !

  11. "America is a rich mans vision, but a poor mans prison"...Life is hard as an African American in the ghetto! There's more than one thesis statement to this poem....pat's justice is an amazing poet, who expresses his everyday troubles through his poems. Keep up the good work!

  12. preach brother amen!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. *stole marcus garveys rights

  14. Here is the link to where he performed this poem. >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EOBv-DTFT4 <<