Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Dean Atta - "Falling Short"

"I rise, I have risen, and yet I feel like

I'm falling

Falling from grace

Falling short of my potential

Falling out of favor with those who expected, predicted were counting on so much for me and my future.

If this is the future, take me back to the past when I had hopes, dreams and ambitions and not just debts, regrets and not-quite-yets; when a blank page offered up infinite possibilities - not just a potential paycheck and an escape from a job where I get no respect. And yet, I rise to positions of responsibility and accountability; I rise to capitalist desires - not at school waiting for playtime but at work waiting for payday. Day dreaming of a play date where butterflies would lift off from a pit of acid; rise and make noise in the form of words strung together as a puppeteer connects to a puppet.

I rise to the occasion; I have been cocooned too long, my flight is imminent. I boil over in a storm, though torrential rain may descend upon me; the same water that sustains my being and form. I rise about and beyond; standing on the wings of the butterflies and treading the raindrops like a stairway to Heaven, and so although they fall - I rise - like the towers that scrape the skies, though oxygen is thin up here I stand tall while others crawl and gasp for breath. I breathe the air of the gods, filled with stardust and plain emissions; I don't need an engine for my ascension.

I rise from sleep and depression and found all other psychological conditions remained - and within a system of liars the trust seems like insanity, so how do I defy gravity? I rise free from my former inhibitions to realize the only opinions that matter to me are that of God and my mother. See a clear destination and a strong foundation won’t stop precipitation; but when you understand the cycle, you don’t fear it any more than a river fears evaporation. The sea has been in the sky so why can’t I?

I rise, I fall, and through it all, I learn to linger a little higher."

Copyright © Dean Atta 2008

Dean Atta is a poet, writer, actor and workshop facilitator I first had the privilege of seeing live at The Roundhouse, where he delivered a fairly astounding performance in an open mic session.

Since then I've been impressed by more of his work, particularly the poem above, and so have no hesitation in declaring this talented brother the first young British poet to get the We Write The Lyrics stamp of approval. Not that he needs it. Dean leads a series of poetry and spoken word workshops at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith, which he's asked me to let y'all know about. Peep the info below.

- DeeKay

Interested in becoming a vocalist, lyricist, poet or spoken word artist? Take part in this popular course run by Spoken Word Artist Dean Atta.

Get involved in slams, create tracks and take part in performances that will blow your mates away. Previous participants have gone on to create and perform their own spoken word performances here at the Lyric.

Who: 14 - 19 yrs old
When: 2 Feb - 30 Mar. Mon 6.30pm - 9pm
Where: Lyric Hammersmith, Lyric Square, King St, London W6 0QL
Cost: £8 per term (booking essential)
Book: Online www. lyric. co. uk or call 0871 22 117 29

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